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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need help? Take a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How much is a new set of dentures?

The Denture Clinic offers a free consultation to discuss the best option for our patients new dentures. Our basic full set of dentures start from £1095.

How long does it take to make a new denture?

Dentures are made over 4-5 appointments, therefore taking around 3 - 4 weeks. If you need your denture made by a certain date, our CDT’s will try to accommodate where they can.

How long does a repair take?

Our repair service usually takes an hour. However on busier days this can be longer. We will let you know how long it will take. We do close for an hour during lunch, therefore we may ask you to collect after this period.

Do I pay upfront for new dentures?

With a new set of dentures we require a 20% deposit after the first impressions have been taken, then the remaining balance will be due on the day the denture is fitted. If you would rather pay in instalments at each of your appointments, we are happy for you to do this also. (Chrome dentures require a 30% deposit).

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept card and cash only. (We do not accept cheques.)

How long will it take to add a tooth onto my denture?

This will take around 3 hours and will need to be fitted by a CDT. Therefore 2 appointments are required for this service. We recommend you call at least a week in advance, to book your appointment. A referral from your dentist is required when making any changes to your denture. 

Do I need to see a dentist before having my dentures made?

We can make full dentures without you needing to see a dentist first. In the case of a partial denture, you would have needed to have had a recent check up ensuring your remaining natural teeth do not need any treatment, prior to us making your denture. We will send a treatment plan to your dentist before beginning the process for partial dentures. The dentist may require to see you, and perform a check up if they have not seen you for a while. They can then sign the treatment plan to allow us to begin the process of making your new denture.

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